Spoken word by Zebadiah Scanlan. Shot by the Rum River in Milaca, Minnesota on August 2014.

This piece was written during a time of transition as I was at the brink of completing my undergrad. I knew that in the coming years, I would need to assess my mental, physical, and spiritual strengths within a culturally normative framework that can be rather stifling. [Zebadiah]

“this is absolutely beautiful. it has transfixed me, and the core of my conflicted being. this is raw. it is that core revealed. I think we are warped by the pull of the twin poles of self and other, by the tension and resistance of each defining the other. these spin around each other, but it feels like the space in which they spin is shrinking, and like magnets, the pull and push together are getting stronger. human being is in conflict. we bifurcate our lives into a grid of cloying, clinging, claustrophobic spaces; we’re defined by the spaces we occupy, in slices, as though split by a prism. we build control, control, control, and there is no space in the gridwork to swing your arms, to allow growth that’s uncontrolled, unshaped, and unformed.

the anger is so clear here, unfiltered, but it’s not alone. I love this piece, most because there’s more than anger that’s unfiltered. there is conflict and tension in the distinctions within ourselves. this work is beautiful because it feels full. this is a human being in concert. a human being as a whole.

It is easy for me to say that I have watched this for over half an hour. The editing is soo tight, the layering of voices, the colors and light, the ferocity of the body, the flow of the pace like from an avalanche to perfect stillness – all of it, as much a part of the expression as the words. the intensity as leaves brush the left eye, unblinking! and the deepness of the stillness.” [Sean Vriesen]

Filmed with Blackmagic camera, 10mm Kern Paillard lens
Edited on a MacPro_Final Cut Pro X
Color grading with Plug ins Digital Film Tools & Hawaiki Color
Directed by Javier Gomez Serrano