¿Dónde está Marc?

From the streets of New York, a puzzle film to find the historical remains of Vito Marcantonio.





Vito Marcantonio (1902-1954) (aka “The Goodfather”) was an Italian-American Congressman representing East Harlem’s 20th District, where he was born, raised and never left. He applied his talents as a lawyer and master parliamentarian to better the lives of his constituency: Italian, Irish and Puerto Rican immigrants; and African Americans. “Marc” was an important national spokesman for progressive causes in Congress, an unrelenting advocate for the nation’s poor, and promoter of the American principle of free thought.
“Where is Marc” seeks to denounce the his practical non-existence, be it visual, political or cultural, from the very streets that he always embraced. There is a trove of archived and visual information available on the streets of Harlem during the Great Depression, the labor movement’s zenith, Prohibition, the lead-up to World War II, surging immigration, Mafia wars, the New Deal, and the ideological fight for the souls of millions, but there is no trace of Marc in any corner, plaza, avenue or
courtyard of the busy city today and still, Vito Marcantonio figured prominently in all of them.
The film will ask constantly only one question “Where is Marc?”. Where are reminiscences of his history of struggle and fight for the rights of Italo Americans and Puerto Ricans, where is that street to commemorate his speeches to some of the largest crowds New York has ever seeing?, where is a monument to his civil rights struggle or anti war efforts?, where is the plaque to celebrate his fight against the witch hunt of McCarthy, or where is that park where kids can run and jump under his protection?
Less notorious characters are remembered in the streets of the city, some outright undeservedly, but there is no sign of a man that stuck by his people and by the principles of the nation that he helped to shape.
Where is Marc? addresses that pitfall.

Writer and member of the Vito Marcantonio Forum, Stephen Siciliano has researched some of the historical events Marc should be remembered for.


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